welcome to this beautiful space i have created for us....

i feel deep gratitude for my life and wanted a safe and positive space for myself and my beautiful friends to come and share uplifting stories and ideas. i appreciate you stopping by and look so forward to hearing from you.

with love, light, and laughter!!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

so what is "self love" anyway??

i know that i have spoke about "self love" before and guess what?? i will again and again!! it is such an important part of what brings YOU true happiness and peace within. so what is it?? its a connection, respect, love, and honor for YOURSELF!! when we have a healthy loving relationship within ourselves we are then going to attract and draw to us, ALL healthy loving relationships into our lives. instead of seeking for approval and love from OUT there- we can learn to find it within!! this means that we speak to ourselves like we would our very bestest friend.

learning how to support, respect, love, and cherish who WE truly are, which is a divine child of the infinite source. that is WHO we are!!! the more we cultivate SELF-LOVE the more we can focus our attention on appreciating ourselves as WE are in this moment! the more peace, love, and joy we will experience- and this creates more completion within our lives. the more love and appreciation we have for ourselves, the more deserving WE are and more open we become to life's blessings.

when we are in the energy vibration of love and appreciation, especially the love for ourselves we become fully connected to the purest stream of consciousness that is DIVINE ENERGY- this is sooooo awesome:)

a few exercises that YOU can do to help create the LOVE BOND with in are :

1. go ahead and set aside a few minutes each morning to take some loving deep cleansing breaths while breathing visualize breathing in love- whatever that looks like to you. maybe you see the word LOVE going into your heart then release the LOVE right back out to the universe. maybe you see golden light thats great!!! there is no wrong way to do this. breathe in breathe out

2. after the breathing go ahead and write down 3-5 i love myself because...

3. while brushing your teeth in the morning or evening go ahead and look into your eyes into your soul and say " i love you" at least once!!!

i am so passionate about teaching anyone and everyone how brilliant YOU are!!!

i am wrapping LOVE and LIGHT around ALL of YOU xx
thank you thank you thank you xx

ps please check out christine arylo newest book
madly in love with me- the daring adventure of becoming your own best friend!!

this book is filled with super  awesome information and really fun exercises!! will make a great xmas gift for EVERYONE!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

simple steps to help YOU through the holidays!!!

happy holidays all of you gorgeous lights!!! this is an amazing time of the year... it is all about love, gratitude, family, and friends. if there are some of YOU right now saying to yourself, hmmm easy for you to say, YOU don't know my family or how stressful it is for me to try and organize and make everyone happy. well guess what, YOU have a choice!!! thats right YOU have the choice to continue telling yourself how stressful the holiday season is--- or you could choose to say YOU know what this year I AM going to just enjoy and sit back and appreciate all the blessings i have.

what would your holiday season look like if you just gave yourself a break?? i can see it now, LOTS of smiling and laughing. man that sounds great to me. YOU deserve to enjoy your life and everything in it. so why don't this holiday season give yourself a break!!

some simple awesome techniques to help relieve holiday stress---

1. 3-5 deep beautiful love filled breaths....place your hand over your heart and connect within

2. set your intention each morning
example: today i choose to stay calm and full of love

3. before bed give yourself 3-5 minutes of deep breathing and reflect on all that was good about the day!!!

watch the stress melt away with just a few simple practical steps during the holiday season!!!

remember i am always sending love and light to this beautiful planet and that includes YOU so keep smiling and laughing :)

love and light forever-
danielle dailey xx

Monday, October 29, 2012

great news!!! its a brand NEW day:)

do you start each day with the idea that THIS IS A BRAND NEW DAY?? no matter what has been
going on YOU get another chance- a fresh start with this new awakening. how you start your day is how your day will unfold... could you imagine if before you even stepped out of your bed YOU gave thanks for the opportunity of what this day will bring you.

as my alarm goes off at 6:45 am i smile and place my hand right over my heart!! i take a deep breath and smile and say, "good morning my love, happy monday!!" it has become such a habit of mine now!!!

i would really like to encourage ALL of YOU to give this exercise a go for the next 30 days!!! please comment to share what shifts YOU are having!!!

lots and lots of love and complete support<3
danielle dailey

Sunday, September 16, 2012

when you feel a dip, you need support the most:)

hi everyone!! so wonderful to be back here and sharing with all of you. i wanted to address the times when we are feeling a dip or a drop with our energy, because lets face it- its so easy to stay positive and be uplifting when you are feeling fantastic. so what do we do when we have lost our momentum and life feels like a challenge? well like i have mentioned previously, we have a choice. we can choose to go down the path that perhaps we all know so well- yes that one, the one that rarely brings you any peace or happiness. come on you know exactly what i am talking about here. the path that we have taken so many times that maybe our foot prints are embedded on the path. sure its the familiar route but lets be real!!! it stinks!!!

so because we are here on the planet living our lives there may be days when we "feel" bummed so i am here to challenge you to take the other path, yep thats right the one that you may not be so familiar with and quite possibly feeling fearful to do it. when we feel a dip that is the perfect opportunity to rise to the occasion and love and support ourselves. come on folks that is when we need it the most!!!

its time to try a new way because lets really be honest here (the old way isn't serving you anymore) chances are its exactly what is keeping you from truly feeling happiness:) you totally deserve this and owe it to yourself and everyone else in your life.

it is a brand new day with so many opportunities to evolve and step into your brilliance:)

so heres the process!!!
feeling negative- whatever that sounds like for you
time for choice- hmm shall i beat myself up, replay whatever upset me, spiral downward??
or choose the new path- take a few deep breaths, think of what is going good for you, and go to that mirror and just say" i am here for you and i will always have your back"

its remarkable what supporting yourself can do for you!!!!

i am sending all my love and support always-

danielle xx

Friday, August 10, 2012


hello beautiful friday!! it has been an incredible week of traveling with my family!! during our trip i was able to take in the gorgeous scenery through some of our southern states. while staring out the car window i really focused on all the beauty around us. its everywhere if you just choose to see it. how often do you take a moment and just recognize the trees, sky, birds, other passer bys in their cars? some of us are in such a hurry to get to where we are going that we forget to take in whats right here in front of us:) right then and there!!
remember the more we are appreciative the more we will have to be appreciative for. it is the law of attraction ALWAYS.
maybe some time this week while at a stop light you can take in your surroundings and see how many things you can appreciate! come on you can do this, YOU deserve to do this. it is a simple yet very powerful exercise to practice. you can make it fun with the kids in the car!! ask them to point out something that they see is beautiful. its amazing to see what our kids see.
i am always looking forward to hearing any feedback and comments that you would like to share. this page is for all of us to grow and expand through love.

my appreciation list for today

i am so appreciative for the safe trip we had
i appreciate my family that came out to see us
i am so thankful for my husband who was a trooper doing most all the drive
i am so appreciative of the greenest trees i think i have ever seen
i love the freedom we have with jumping into the car and going

life loves and supports me <3
so much love and light-
danielle xx

Thursday, July 26, 2012

money exercise

hello all of you amazing lights:)

ok so i often have many clients that want to work on creating more abundance with money!! this subject always gets some great energy flowing. are you somebody that would like to have more money? well you are not alone!! some people think that money isnt spiritual- i used to be one of those people.

it has taken some powerful years of struggling to realize that if i am worrying and stressing about paying my bills on time how can i remain in a state of allowing and creating? more importantly how can i receive?? i really would like you to sit with this idea for a minute or more:)

i am going to ask you a simple question but really dig deep and have a think about this, WHAT IF THE WORRYING ABOUT YOUR MONEY IS WHAT IS ACTUALLY KEEPING IT FROM YOU?? hmmm well what would be the first thing that you could do immediately to shift your mental chatter?

lets understand what i am saying here. so everything is energy- money included!! if you have a negative energy around cash and expect it to arrive in your wallet it may take a very long time. what if you decided to become friends with this energy called money. how do you become friends with money you might ask, well the same way you would with anyone. BE NICE!!! haha i can see some of you already going ok danielle be nice to money? my answer is YES!!!

be appreciative of it, make sure that you always have some cash in your wallet. even a $5 bill will work. each time your eyes see the cash, smile:) look if worrying about it and not liking money worked for you then awesome but chances are that is not the case. you have nothing to lose with this awesome experience and quite possibly lots to gain$$$$

have a beautiful weekend and remember send money some positive energy

love and light-
danielle xx

i am creating and allowing financial abundance in my life now!!

i have respect and love for money and money has respect and love for me!!

i am a money magnet:)

i open my heart up to having money now!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

hello beautiful day!! thank you for another chance to have more to be grateful for!!!! this is how i start my day off and it really sets the intention for my experiences throughout my day. how do you start your day off?? is it with dread that you have to wake up? are you hitting the snooze button and groaning? or maybe you jump out of bed and already start mentally chattering about everything that NEEDS to get done. what about waking up and worrying? this is how i used to live my life over 10 years ago, i really didn't know that i had a choice. and more powerfully i didn't know that my inner dialogue was my barometer for the kind of day i would have. i really just thought that life just happens and i needed to deal with it. needless to say i was pretty beaten down, low energy, negative, even a victim most days. i am not here to beat myself up or anyone else who has this as there experience i am only here to remind you that YOU are totally in charge of your mind and YOU can control those pestering persistent big voices in your mind. when i first started off trying this new approach out i found myself all day long thousands of times a day catching myself with negative nancy upstairs ruling my mind. it has taken total dedication, practice, patience, total self love, tools, and willingness!!! it has not always been a piece of cake, but it has been a wild ride and i have enjoyed the entire process!!
i can with total ease now control all of my mental chatter and shift it when necessary. it is so empowering to be in this place of peace, love, joy, and creating!! we really are the creators of our reality. so people often ask me,"HOW DO YOU DO IT?" i always respond by saying your already doing it all day every day just from the back end!! hmmm you may wonder what the heck i am talking about, well let me explain it for you. how many times a day do you say something negative to yourself? beat yourself up? perhaps judge you or others? watch negative things on TV? read gossip? tell yourself that your not good enough? i could go on and on...... i think you get the point so what i do is pump myself up all day with words of encouragement and love!! yepp all day that is what i am saying in my mind. sure there are times when i catch myself in those not so shiny moments- so i just ask myself is this lifting me up or tearing me down? if its the latter well then shift that thought!! its just that simple- i know what your saying,"for you its just that simple, but you don't know my life??" maybe i don't have your life but if we ever sat and compared some notes i think you would be quite surprised at what my life has looked like:)

i know that i am here to help lift as many people up to self love that are truly ready and if this has sparked a light in you for change I AM SO PROUD!!! maybe this is just planting a seed I AM SO PROUD!!!! everyone works at their own pace and i truly respect everyones speed. if you would like any guidance around any of this personal development i am always available for one on one coaching!!

sending all love and light always-
danielle xx

Thursday, May 3, 2012

remembering our FEELINGS create our experiences

hi all you beautiful souls!!! i am so happy to share with you today, some may already know this concept and are applying to your lives and others may just need a little reminder and there are others that this may be new to you. well welcome ALL.
so lets have a think about this concept, what we feel vibrationally( like a radio transmitter) mirrors back to us like a (boomerang) and comes back to us through circumstances, people, money, LIFE!!! for those of you new to this YEAH!!!! how exciting to realize that YOU and YOU alone my friends have the power to create your life experiences. if you choose thoughts that are low vibrations like anger, frustration, disappointment, depression, fear, etc then YES you are sending out a signal that you would like more of that please. if you are sending out high vibrations like appreciation, happiness, love, understanding, passion, etc. then YES you are sending out a signal that you would like more of that please. YOU may be asking yourself well danielle if i had good happening in my life right now it would be easy to think high vibrational thoughts, and i am here to remind you that no matter what is happening in your life right now YOU, and only YOU, have the control of your mind and thoughts.

if you are having a rough go right now and would like to experience a better way, ask your self what it is you would like to feel and live in that space. it IS that simple!!! we are all energy folks and our emotions emit an energy. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE!!!!!

my wish is to help each of you expand into the perfect space that you would like to create for yourself!!! sometimes the help of a coach is just what we need to help this shift.

i am offering one on one 60min. phone sessions teaching you just how to apply these law of attraction principals into your daily life, if interested for more details email me at ddailey69@gmail.com

have the best day and LOVE and GRATITUDE for each one of you:)

danielle xx

Friday, April 13, 2012

wow, here we grow!!!!!!

hi everyone!! let me share with you my experience this week, hmmm ok so some of you know that calling me a hippie freaks me out a bit!! hahah truth is yes i may have the love thing nailed, but i am also fascinated with the scientific proof around all this stuff too (bit of a nerd) and i love it. so i have been looking for the correct coaching school for me about 2 years and finally yesterday took the plunge. its interesting that some old fears of mine crept in, like they do. anyways i found myself hearing a very old familiar voice in my head telling me all the reasons why this is a bad idea. from your not smart enough all the way to who do you think you are spending this kind of money on yourself. these are my real (in my head) voices. so instead of freaking out and crawling under my bed i decided this was yet again a perfect opportunity to dig deeper!!! yes even us seasoned LOVE OURSELVES FOLKS continue digging and learning. its a life long practice and personally i LOVE IT. so i got in front of that gorgeous mirror and had a heart to heart with my fearful self and was able to look into my own eyes and gently guide myself to understand deeply that this was not the TRUTH, i am super smart and totally deserve to further my education and the price is perfectly affordable. it was a very empowering moment when i hit the PURCHASE button. whew it was official i am now taking my career to the next level. i just want to let you all know that i am not just reading the books i am living the books!!!!

thank you all so much and i am so excited for the next part of this journey to take flight:)
classes start may 2!!!

lots of love and light
danielle xx

Thursday, April 5, 2012

hello america!!!!!

hello gorgeous america!! we are back, living here in beautiful austin. i am creating a wonderful community of incredible women to share and grow together. this is a true gift to share my journey and hear theirs!! so exciting. i am also going to be offering a teleclass for all you amazing souls across this planet. if you are interested just send me an email and i can give you all the details.

i am going to leave you with some food for thought, what is YOUR STROY?? thats right, your story, is it uplifting and empowering you, or is it keeping you completely stuck? have a think about it and remember YOU CAN change it. as a matter of fact if it isnt serving your higher good, DIVORCE it. thats right clean break. if you are asking well how do i do this. it is so simple. quit telling it. make up a new one that serves you. my story was so sad and i repeated it over and over again and everyone would respond the same way. poor girl, damn you had a rough life. OK what did that do for me, it kept me STUCK!!!! i dont tell that story anymore. i now can say i have had quite a colorful past and it has created who i am today!! i am an amazing woman who is loving, caring, compassionate, and filled with gratitude. see what i mean here. ok give it a try if you are up for it. would love to hear your story!!!!!

have a blessed day and speak really soon:)
love and light always!!
danielle dailey