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hello beautiful friday!! it has been an incredible week of traveling with my family!! during our trip i was able to take in the gorgeous scenery through some of our southern states. while staring out the car window i really focused on all the beauty around us. its everywhere if you just choose to see it. how often do you take a moment and just recognize the trees, sky, birds, other passer bys in their cars? some of us are in such a hurry to get to where we are going that we forget to take in whats right here in front of us:) right then and there!!
remember the more we are appreciative the more we will have to be appreciative for. it is the law of attraction ALWAYS.
maybe some time this week while at a stop light you can take in your surroundings and see how many things you can appreciate! come on you can do this, YOU deserve to do this. it is a simple yet very powerful exercise to practice. you can make it fun with the kids in the car!! ask them to point out something that they see is beautiful. its amazing to see what our kids see.
i am always looking forward to hearing any feedback and comments that you would like to share. this page is for all of us to grow and expand through love.

my appreciation list for today

i am so appreciative for the safe trip we had
i appreciate my family that came out to see us
i am so thankful for my husband who was a trooper doing most all the drive
i am so appreciative of the greenest trees i think i have ever seen
i love the freedom we have with jumping into the car and going

life loves and supports me <3
so much love and light-
danielle xx


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    1. I totally agree with you!!! Thank you so much for sharing<3 its fantastic...


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