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money exercise

hello all of you amazing lights:)

ok so i often have many clients that want to work on creating more abundance with money!! this subject always gets some great energy flowing. are you somebody that would like to have more money? well you are not alone!! some people think that money isnt spiritual- i used to be one of those people.

it has taken some powerful years of struggling to realize that if i am worrying and stressing about paying my bills on time how can i remain in a state of allowing and creating? more importantly how can i receive?? i really would like you to sit with this idea for a minute or more:)

i am going to ask you a simple question but really dig deep and have a think about this, WHAT IF THE WORRYING ABOUT YOUR MONEY IS WHAT IS ACTUALLY KEEPING IT FROM YOU?? hmmm well what would be the first thing that you could do immediately to shift your mental chatter?

lets understand what i am saying here. so everything is energy- money included!! if you have a negative energy around cash and expect it to arrive in your wallet it may take a very long time. what if you decided to become friends with this energy called money. how do you become friends with money you might ask, well the same way you would with anyone. BE NICE!!! haha i can see some of you already going ok danielle be nice to money? my answer is YES!!!

be appreciative of it, make sure that you always have some cash in your wallet. even a $5 bill will work. each time your eyes see the cash, smile:) look if worrying about it and not liking money worked for you then awesome but chances are that is not the case. you have nothing to lose with this awesome experience and quite possibly lots to gain$$$$

have a beautiful weekend and remember send money some positive energy

love and light-
danielle xx

i am creating and allowing financial abundance in my life now!!

i have respect and love for money and money has respect and love for me!!

i am a money magnet:)

i open my heart up to having money now!!



  1. Money isn’t exactly the root of all evil unless you let it be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.#life coach

    1. Hi Doroty!!!! Thank YOU so much for sharing, and you are totally correct. Its not the money that's evil its the negative energy that some people give it. Remember everything is just energy:)

      Lots of love and support always,

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