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Friday, April 13, 2012

wow, here we grow!!!!!!

hi everyone!! let me share with you my experience this week, hmmm ok so some of you know that calling me a hippie freaks me out a bit!! hahah truth is yes i may have the love thing nailed, but i am also fascinated with the scientific proof around all this stuff too (bit of a nerd) and i love it. so i have been looking for the correct coaching school for me about 2 years and finally yesterday took the plunge. its interesting that some old fears of mine crept in, like they do. anyways i found myself hearing a very old familiar voice in my head telling me all the reasons why this is a bad idea. from your not smart enough all the way to who do you think you are spending this kind of money on yourself. these are my real (in my head) voices. so instead of freaking out and crawling under my bed i decided this was yet again a perfect opportunity to dig deeper!!! yes even us seasoned LOVE OURSELVES FOLKS continue digging and learning. its a life long practice and personally i LOVE IT. so i got in front of that gorgeous mirror and had a heart to heart with my fearful self and was able to look into my own eyes and gently guide myself to understand deeply that this was not the TRUTH, i am super smart and totally deserve to further my education and the price is perfectly affordable. it was a very empowering moment when i hit the PURCHASE button. whew it was official i am now taking my career to the next level. i just want to let you all know that i am not just reading the books i am living the books!!!!

thank you all so much and i am so excited for the next part of this journey to take flight:)
classes start may 2!!!

lots of love and light
danielle xx

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