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i feel deep gratitude for my life and wanted a safe and positive space for myself and my beautiful friends to come and share uplifting stories and ideas. i appreciate you stopping by and look so forward to hearing from you.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

remembering our FEELINGS create our experiences

hi all you beautiful souls!!! i am so happy to share with you today, some may already know this concept and are applying to your lives and others may just need a little reminder and there are others that this may be new to you. well welcome ALL.
so lets have a think about this concept, what we feel vibrationally( like a radio transmitter) mirrors back to us like a (boomerang) and comes back to us through circumstances, people, money, LIFE!!! for those of you new to this YEAH!!!! how exciting to realize that YOU and YOU alone my friends have the power to create your life experiences. if you choose thoughts that are low vibrations like anger, frustration, disappointment, depression, fear, etc then YES you are sending out a signal that you would like more of that please. if you are sending out high vibrations like appreciation, happiness, love, understanding, passion, etc. then YES you are sending out a signal that you would like more of that please. YOU may be asking yourself well danielle if i had good happening in my life right now it would be easy to think high vibrational thoughts, and i am here to remind you that no matter what is happening in your life right now YOU, and only YOU, have the control of your mind and thoughts.

if you are having a rough go right now and would like to experience a better way, ask your self what it is you would like to feel and live in that space. it IS that simple!!! we are all energy folks and our emotions emit an energy. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE!!!!!

my wish is to help each of you expand into the perfect space that you would like to create for yourself!!! sometimes the help of a coach is just what we need to help this shift.

i am offering one on one 60min. phone sessions teaching you just how to apply these law of attraction principals into your daily life, if interested for more details email me at ddailey69@gmail.com

have the best day and LOVE and GRATITUDE for each one of you:)

danielle xx