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i feel deep gratitude for my life and wanted a safe and positive space for myself and my beautiful friends to come and share uplifting stories and ideas. i appreciate you stopping by and look so forward to hearing from you.

with love, light, and laughter!!!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

simple steps to help YOU through the holidays!!!

happy holidays all of you gorgeous lights!!! this is an amazing time of the year... it is all about love, gratitude, family, and friends. if there are some of YOU right now saying to yourself, hmmm easy for you to say, YOU don't know my family or how stressful it is for me to try and organize and make everyone happy. well guess what, YOU have a choice!!! thats right YOU have the choice to continue telling yourself how stressful the holiday season is--- or you could choose to say YOU know what this year I AM going to just enjoy and sit back and appreciate all the blessings i have.

what would your holiday season look like if you just gave yourself a break?? i can see it now, LOTS of smiling and laughing. man that sounds great to me. YOU deserve to enjoy your life and everything in it. so why don't this holiday season give yourself a break!!

some simple awesome techniques to help relieve holiday stress---

1. 3-5 deep beautiful love filled breaths....place your hand over your heart and connect within

2. set your intention each morning
example: today i choose to stay calm and full of love

3. before bed give yourself 3-5 minutes of deep breathing and reflect on all that was good about the day!!!

watch the stress melt away with just a few simple practical steps during the holiday season!!!

remember i am always sending love and light to this beautiful planet and that includes YOU so keep smiling and laughing :)

love and light forever-
danielle dailey xx