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I AM a published author!!!!


Hello and happy happy New Years to you!!! I have been feeling so blessed and filled with tons of gratitude and we are only on the second week of the new year... As you know I am a certified Law of Attraction coach and I use the principles of the universal laws in my own life everyday- with that being said I would LOVE to share with you the coolest true story that has happened to me.

A few months ago, I was chatting with my business partner, Marianne and we decided that we were ready to write a book- just a simple, yet powerful small book. We started to meet twice a week to come up with ideas that felt FUN for us to share. That lasted 2 weeks before the universe handed us an opportunity to become contributing authors to a very powerful healing book!! We were asked to dig deep and share our personal journeys to finding our "Authentic-Self"

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! We were nervous, anxious, and down right scared but knew that we had to just say YES... Of course I knew that I would need some help with my writing and I reached out to one of my closest friends here in Austin (Dara) who was onboard faster than I could blink my eyes. It was all falling right into my lap-

My point to this incredible true story is that I set an intention that felt really FUN (writing a book) I totally worked with the energy that it was happening (TRUSTING the process) I let go of the hows, when, and shoulds... I reached out to a connection on linked in to congratulate her on a new book she was releasing in Jan. 2014 ( ended up to be the woman who asked me to be a contributing author)

Now that is Law of Attraction in action!! WOOHOO!!

This also lead to Marianne and myself wanting to host our own radio show- GUESS WHAT we have our own radio show and having a blast! It is a 30 minute weekly show filled with tools, techniques, and FUN.

Life really is here to support us- Its really just learning how to set an intention, trust, and then allow.

I am wrapping all love and happiness around each of you and I know that you are here to shine!!

Danielle xx


  1. So awesome Danielle! I'm so glad you wrote the comment. Shows how following your instinct to do even the smallest thing can lead to a manifestation.

  2. YOU my sweet angel are the inspiration for this post!!! thank YOU thank YOU for being exactly who you are <3


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