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loving YOUR body... REALLY loving it :)

How often do you take the time to just thank YOUR incredible body? Everything it does for you- 24 hours a day- 7 days a week- year after year... Most of us are programmed to complain about our bodies, maybe even feel disgusted with it? If you are doing that remember that YOUR body can hear and feel your words and thoughts, and we create more of what we are feeling!! Isn't that creating more of what WE don't want? Doesn't sound FUN What if you decided to put away the vanity and really REALLY honor your body- think about the blood flowing through your veins carrying the necessary oxygen to your organs- shoot lets think about your organs- they are always working to keep you alive and healthy. And what about our bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and all the rest that keep you moving? Our 72 trillion cells circulating our bodies all day every day- Our lungs that fill us up with the air that we need for another breath on this planet- our heart which pumps into our beautif

Calming your crazies with your tools!!

Come on you know exactly what I am talking about here- you know the thoughts and stories we can tell ourselves to work up our inner crazies ?? Well I love sharing with you tools and techniques to " CALM YOUR CRAZIES " and give you a choice!! Remember YOUR tools only work if YOU choose to use them!!! hahah :) I love having this opportunity to laugh , love , and grow with YOU !!!! First off I would like to say YOU are NORMAL!! Having our minds wander and go to the "DARK SIDE" is an opportunity for us to GO DEEPER!! If you find yourself in a CRAZY FRENZY here are just a few simple tools to help shift you right through it. First step - recognize its happening!! ding ding ding AWE I am feeling a bit CRAZY Second step - place your hand over your heart and take a few deep breaths- AHHHHHHHH Third step - honor what YOU are feeling, this doesn't mean YOU live there- just observe- NO JUDGING Fourth step -  go ahead and create a few EVEN though statement