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what are the benefits with loving your self??

so what do you think about the idea of loving yourself? how do you think you can do that? what would someone gain from loving who they are? I practice what i preach!!!! i have no problems letting myself know how loved i am. I happen to believe that when we truly love who we are, the so called problems that we once had just disappear. imagine having such clarity with in your own heart. it is incredible, and totally easy to do!!!!! if anyone would like some simple tools that you can do on your own, just ask me!! i would love to hear anyone else talk about their experiences with loving of yourself. have the best day and remember to smile:) xo danielle

my truths!!!! what are yours???

I am loved, loving, and lovable. I create my own reality. I see all the beauty around me and appreciate it all. I am healthy and my body reflects this. My family and friends know how loved they are from me and this feels amazing!!! I love helping anyone who wants to rediscover who they truly are. I love my life!!! Please share with me what your truths are!!!!! with complete love and gratitude- thank you:) xoxo

what do you see when you see yourself in the mirror?

we use the mirror everyday!! while brushing our teeth, checking out what we are wearing. What if i challenged you for one week to say the words I LOVE YOU each and every time you passed a mirror. Does that freak you out? great even more reason to try it. I would love to hear back from whomever decides to give it a go. see what comes up for you!! if you need someone to talk to about these feelings I am here. i am sending all love and complete support. enjoy this journey!!!! have the best day!!! be your own best friend and smile:)

the more love and appreciation you have the more that comes to your life

remember all you beautiful souls that we have an opportunity each and every day to spread love and appreciation.. do you smile and thank the person making your coffee in the morning? how about while checking out at the grocery line? at a stop light? how about look up at the sky and give thanks!!!! smiles are free and completely infectious:) give love it will come back to you 1000 times. we have the ability to lift the planet one smile at a time. so much love and appreciation for all!!!!! xo danielle