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my love for life is constant!!!

sometimes in our busy worlds with cell phones, media, family, meetings, kids activities, etc. we can forget to stop for just a moment and appreciate what we do have. it happens to  all of us so please do not feel bad. just become aware that in the midst of normal life we CAN take time and think of all that is great in our lives. remember the more you show gratitude the more you will have to be grateful for. i am sending each one of you a huge THANK YOU for being a part of my beautiful blog. please feel free to share anything that you are grateful for today. all love and light- danielle xx

day three

what a beautiful day i had today with my son!!! i met up with him in the city and he took me to a fantastic lunch where we had such great customer service. our food was so tasty and we enjoyed every last bit of it. what a kind and grateful man he has turned out to be. thank you thank you thank you. brisbane you surprised me today!! THANK YOU if you would like to add something that has happened for you to be thankful for i would love to hear about it. with all love, light, and always laughter

day 2

the universe loves gratitude and brings more to your life to be grateful for. what an incredible concept??!! how cool is that. so basically the more thank you's the more you have to say thank you for. i love it!!!! once you grasp this, your life will quickly start working for you.... we all deserve to have a wonderful, fulfilling life. my gratitude list for today my loving family and their support my gorgeous clients that believe in themselves the sunset that i was able to share with a friend i am so grateful for this incredible blog with all love and support- danielle xx

day one

I am fully blessed in my life for so many things. I believe that it is very important to acknowledge the greatness in our lives. It is too easy to get caught up in the media and see life falling apart around us. It is YOUR choice. I bet if you just sat back for a moment and thought to yourself, "What do I have to be thankful for?" You would amaze yourself. I mean music!!!!!!!!! Our ears allow us to hear the songs we love. Our brain computes it and our heart feels it. THAT IS AMAZING:) look at the list of gratitude already growing. i am grateful for each and every one of you in my life i am grateful for my feet- every step of the way, they are there doing there job without asking anything in return i am grateful for my incredible clients who have invested in their selves and trusted the process. you are my heroes!!!!! thank you for being apart of this journey with me, danielle xx

My life is filled with gratitude!!

How are you feeling right now? Do you feel grateful for what you have? What are your thoughts about your day ahead of you? Lets all commit to 30 days of sharing all that we are grateful for!!!:) The more grateful we are the more we will have to be grateful for....... all love, light and laughter danielle xx