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what do you see when you see yourself in the mirror?

we use the mirror everyday!! while brushing our teeth, checking out what we are wearing. What if i challenged you for one week to say the words I LOVE YOU each and every time you passed a mirror. Does that freak you out? great even more reason to try it. I would love to hear back from whomever decides to give it a go. see what comes up for you!! if you need someone to talk to about these feelings I am here. i am sending all love and complete support. enjoy this journey!!!!

have the best day!!!
be your own best friend and smile:)


  1. Thank you for your loving words Danielle! I am going to love and appreciate what I see in the mirror everyday... MYSELF!:o)
    Your favourite student from Sydney sending you smiles:o*

  2. I do it all the time!! At first I couldnt do it at all, then I slowly started feeling more comfortable about saying it, and now it just comes naturally and I say it with a huge smile on my face!!! :) Thank you for helping me be able to do this Danielle. Love you xoxox

  3. i am so proud of the two of you incredible women!!!! love and gratitude for all of the wonderful investments you have made for you!!!! I love you girls so much and keep up all the great work!!! I LOVE having your participation. you have inspired me to do this blog!!!!!!


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