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change is good, change is movement!!

changes!!! does this word bring up emotions for you? fear of the unknown? well luckily for myself i am a bit of an adventurer:) we have been blessed as a family to live in australia for the last 4 years. what a total treat!! we all have loved it. with the news of my husbands job shutting there office here we are moving. i will not lie at first, i freaked out!! sort of a spinning out feeling. i was anxious with all the common questions, where will we go? what school will luna go to? what about taylor? we need a job?? you see where i am going with this. haha well during a bit of a panic i just stopped, took in a much needed breath and then just spoke... if you are wondering to whom well my higher power is the best description. i spoke my fears out loud and asked to please help!!! it worked!!! in no time my attitude completely shifted from fear to excitement. as if the exact situation had no more strong hold on me. gone-POOF:) just like that. i can understand now why we had to move here and learn and grow and now it is time to share what lessons i have learned with the next phase of my life. we have no real definitive plans, but a general idea and guess what "its all wonderful".
i embrace change with all love
i trust the process of life
change is movement and i am ready for what life has instore for me

with all love and light,
ps if anyone would like to share any changes happening in your life please do??!!


  1. Mum Wow You're Amazing With Every Word That Comes Out Of Your Wonderful Caring Mouth I Charish Forever.
    P.S. Im not sure if thats how you spell charish.
    Love Luna


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