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so what is "self love" anyway?? SELF LOVE is the state of appreciation for oneself that GROWS from actions that support our physical, psychological, and spiritual growth. self love is DYNAMIC!!!
it is the core to building and creating a healthy, happy, loving relationships with others in your life. how awesome is that?? the LAW OF ATTRACTION remember (like attracts like) is always mirroring to us how we are feeling inside. man let me say that one again, life is always bringing to us what we are feeling inside us. so pause a moment and ask yourself are you feeling loving to YOU inside of YOU?? if we do not feel good about ourselves than we are going to  continue to draw into our lives more situations to feel bad. imagine right now for just a moment
how your life would look and feel if you had a healthy loving relationship inside of YOU?? go ahead and jot down a couple and share them in the class. its so powerful to acknowledge this and lets go ahead and shift it right here and right now!!!!

do you realize that self love is so essential to so many different areas of your life?? it influences who you pick as a mate, the image that you project at work, and how you cope with the problems in your life. lets discuss a few ways that you can start loving yourself right now.

1. send out 5-10 texts to friends and family saying that you love them and appreciate them. pay attention to how cool it feels to get these answered and returned back to you. once while living in sydney i was sitting at a coffee shop and decided to let everyone in my contacts know that i loved and appreciated them and while at the shop i received back all the messages of love and i started to cry from so much love and appreciation!!! LOVE is a miracle worker:) always!!!

2. write yourself a loving supportive email once a week. write like you would to your best friend!!!! its so powerful and can be so much fun. get creative put lots of hearts and exclamation points :)

3.give yourself 15 mins of guilt free time each day just for YOU!!! whatever that looks like to you my sweet friends. you totally deserve it…

thank you,
danielle xo

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