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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Calming your crazies with your tools!!

Come on you know exactly what I am talking about here- you know the thoughts and stories we can tell ourselves to work up our inner crazies?? Well I love sharing with you tools and techniques to "CALM YOUR CRAZIES" and give you a choice!! Remember YOUR tools only work if YOU choose to use them!!! hahah :) I love having this opportunity to laugh, love, and grow with YOU!!!!

First off I would like to say YOU are NORMAL!! Having our minds wander and go to the "DARK SIDE" is an opportunity for us to GO DEEPER!! If you find yourself in a CRAZY FRENZY here are
just a few simple tools to help shift you right through it.

First step- recognize its happening!! ding ding ding AWE I am feeling a bit CRAZY

Second step- place your hand over your heart and take a few deep breaths- AHHHHHHHH

Third step- honor what YOU are feeling, this doesn't mean YOU live there- just observe- NO JUDGING

Fourth step-  go ahead and create a few EVEN though statements example- "even though I am
feeling really CRAZY right now, I deeply and completely LOVE and ACCEPT myself anyway."
"even though I don't know how to stop these crazies right now, I deeply LOVE and ACCEPT
myself anyway." "even though I have been here so many times before I deeply LOVE and ACCEPT myself anyway"

Fifth step- check in with yourself again- how you feeling?? If your still in a CRAZY FRENZY do
some more even though statements...

Sixth step- now that you are feeling better- what is your new story? Lighten up and make it a good

I am wrapping all love and positive energy around you and I know that YOU are exactly where
you are meant to be!!

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love- love- LOVE xo

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