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Saturday, January 18, 2014

LIFE is a precious gift...

Hello and how are you today?? i want to share an experience that myself and family had today- let me take you back to last spring when we purchased our very first home. we were like most new home buyers wondering about everything including, I WONDER who our new neighbors will be- would we get along- would they like us?

Well that led me to say, we are going to LOVE our new neighbors!! So of course that is exactly what happened... landed right in the middle of 2 great neighbors!! one of them was an 86yr. old widow named miss Ermine the cutest little thing you ever saw and she was ALWAYS smiling-

We often joined her on her front lawn sharing stories and shooting the breeze. I always laughed with her and loved hearing all about her younger days- we knew she was special but today we found out just how special she really was.

You see out of nowhere last month miss Ermine ended up in the hospital with intestinal issues and had to have an emergency surgery and while there they found she was at the final stages of cancer that no one including herself was aware of.

The news was devastating and left my family and i very heavy hearted for the holidays... We had hopes that she would recover from surgery and we could at least spend some time with her. It didn't happen that way- she passed on Dec. 28th

So today was her memorial service- IT was a packed house- this woman had affected so many people in so many ways... It really really humbles and reminds me that as i sat and listened to story after story of people referring to her as their angel THAT that is whats important!!!

We have so many opportunities to lift and encourage the people in our lives- LOVE them for who they are- and cherish the time we have with them. I also loved how she would remember to do for herself too!! She really embraced herself and lived life to the fullest-

I will miss seeing your adorable smile :) with your super cute earrings- YOU have touched even your new neighbors in the most positive way...

danielle dailey

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