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Saturday, February 16, 2013

self acceptance- NO MATTER WHAT!!!

hello to all of YOU amazing lights-

this new year is moving right along and i am enjoying all the amazing opportunities to practice self love!! what do i mean when i say that? well let me explain in more detail. i know most of us are reading and practicing all the techniques and exercises we have to help gain a spiritual lifestyle and THATS so AWESOME!!! woohoo but what about the days when maybe we are acting grumpy, bummed out, or maybe even down right judgmental towards someone else? do we still deserve to love ourselves even when we are like that? my answer is YES!!!!!

in my experience that is when i need the support and unconditional love from myself the most-- i know by now that when i am projecting negative vibes out there it is because somewhere within myself i am feeling negative about myself. ah ha so i have this awareness (ok its me i am really upset with), now what? well just like i would with anyone that i love deeply- i wouldn't kick them when there down. i would be there to lift them up and love them!!!

 so that is exactly what i do with ME<3 i ask myself in the mirror what can i do right now to help you move through this? where do you need to grow even more? yes I AM still growing all the time!!!

the coolest feeling is when I AM in a funky space- I DON'T judge myself for any of it. i know that i too am a spiritual being having a human experience and well like they say I AM HUMAN of course i will make mistakes. its how i react to myself!!

ahhhh the never ending lessons are amazing and i am so very proud of myself for committing to this journey of unconditional love.....

you too can choose to always be there for YOU no matter what!!!! LOVE and ACCEPT ourselves in every moment:) this allows for true growth and happiness xx

thank you thank you thank you 

i am so grateful for YOU and i encourage all of you at least play with this idea<3 as always share any experiences that YOU have!!! I LOVE reading them. xx

danielle xx

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