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so what is "self love" anyway??

i know that i have spoke about "self love" before and guess what?? i will again and again!! it is such an important part of what brings YOU true happiness and peace within. so what is it?? its a connection, respect, love, and honor for YOURSELF!! when we have a healthy loving relationship within ourselves we are then going to attract and draw to us, ALL healthy loving relationships into our lives. instead of seeking for approval and love from OUT there- we can learn to find it within!! this means that we speak to ourselves like we would our very bestest friend.

learning how to support, respect, love, and cherish who WE truly are, which is a divine child of the infinite source. that is WHO we are!!! the more we cultivate SELF-LOVE the more we can focus our attention on appreciating ourselves as WE are in this moment! the more peace, love, and joy we will experience- and this creates more completion within our lives. the more love and appreciation we have for ourselves, the more deserving WE are and more open we become to life's blessings.

when we are in the energy vibration of love and appreciation, especially the love for ourselves we become fully connected to the purest stream of consciousness that is DIVINE ENERGY- this is sooooo awesome:)

a few exercises that YOU can do to help create the LOVE BOND with in are :

1. go ahead and set aside a few minutes each morning to take some loving deep cleansing breaths while breathing visualize breathing in love- whatever that looks like to you. maybe you see the word LOVE going into your heart then release the LOVE right back out to the universe. maybe you see golden light thats great!!! there is no wrong way to do this. breathe in breathe out

2. after the breathing go ahead and write down 3-5 i love myself because...

3. while brushing your teeth in the morning or evening go ahead and look into your eyes into your soul and say " i love you" at least once!!!

i am so passionate about teaching anyone and everyone how brilliant YOU are!!!

i am wrapping LOVE and LIGHT around ALL of YOU xx
thank you thank you thank you xx

ps please check out christine arylo newest book
madly in love with me- the daring adventure of becoming your own best friend!!

this book is filled with super  awesome information and really fun exercises!! will make a great xmas gift for EVERYONE!!!!


  1. What a wonderful and thought-provoking post!! Great blog :)

    1. thank you so much!!! that's so awesome that YOU liked it!!! happy 12/12/12 my friend:)



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