welcome to this beautiful space i have created for us....

i feel deep gratitude for my life and wanted a safe and positive space for myself and my beautiful friends to come and share uplifting stories and ideas. i appreciate you stopping by and look so forward to hearing from you.

with love, light, and laughter!!!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my love for life is constant!!!

sometimes in our busy worlds with cell phones, media, family, meetings, kids activities, etc. we can forget to stop for just a moment and appreciate what we do have. it happens to  all of us so please do not feel bad. just become aware that in the midst of normal life we CAN take time and think of all that is great in our lives. remember the more you show gratitude the more you will have to be grateful for. i am sending each one of you a huge THANK YOU for being a part of my beautiful blog. please feel free to share anything that you are grateful for today.

all love and light-
danielle xx

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