welcome to this beautiful space i have created for us....

i feel deep gratitude for my life and wanted a safe and positive space for myself and my beautiful friends to come and share uplifting stories and ideas. i appreciate you stopping by and look so forward to hearing from you.

with love, light, and laughter!!!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

what do you see when you see yourself in the mirror?

we use the mirror everyday!! while brushing our teeth, checking out what we are wearing. What if i challenged you for one week to say the words I LOVE YOU each and every time you passed a mirror. Does that freak you out? great even more reason to try it. I would love to hear back from whomever decides to give it a go. see what comes up for you!! if you need someone to talk to about these feelings I am here. i am sending all love and complete support. enjoy this journey!!!!

have the best day!!!
be your own best friend and smile:)


  1. Thank you for your loving words Danielle! I am going to love and appreciate what I see in the mirror everyday... MYSELF!:o)
    Your favourite student from Sydney sending you smiles:o*

  2. I do it all the time!! At first I couldnt do it at all, then I slowly started feeling more comfortable about saying it, and now it just comes naturally and I say it with a huge smile on my face!!! :) Thank you for helping me be able to do this Danielle. Love you xoxox

  3. i am so proud of the two of you incredible women!!!! love and gratitude for all of the wonderful investments you have made for you!!!! I love you girls so much and keep up all the great work!!! I LOVE having your participation. you have inspired me to do this blog!!!!!!