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what are the benefits with loving your self??

so what do you think about the idea of loving yourself? how do you think you can do that? what would someone gain from loving who they are? I practice what i preach!!!! i have no problems letting myself know how loved i am. I happen to believe that when we truly love who we are, the so called problems that we once had just disappear. imagine having such clarity with in your own heart. it is incredible, and totally easy to do!!!!! if anyone would like some simple tools that you can do on your own, just ask me!! i would love to hear anyone else talk about their experiences with loving of yourself. have the best day and remember to smile:)

xo danielle


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"practicing unconditional love"

My dailey truths... unconditional love is best described as a love for your child or your pet, what if you could experience that same love for yourself? No conditions "love no matter what" it is possible and I know first hand how it can change your entire life. The relationship within yourself is the one relationship that you are guaranteed to have for the rest of your existence on this planet. WHY NOT make it the most loving of your life??

danielle   💗

Happiness is a choice...

My dailey truths... happiness is your birth right. You DO NOT need to work hard for it or be good enough to earn it, you have a choice to just simply choose it. I can already hear some of you say,” oh ok Danielle it’s that simple?” And I will answer you YES it really is. When you are finding your mind going to a dark scary place ask yourself does thinking about this make me feel happy? Let’s be honest the answer will be obvious- NO!! Ok great when you catch it simply turn your attention on something that brings you a smile and feels good to your heart ♥️

we are souls having a human experience...

My dailey truths... I AM a soul having a "human" experience 💗  at times it feels like us "humans" can become very wrapped up in the thought that this is who we really are. My thoughts around this topic is that WE are so much bigger than the human version of us and when we connect with the higher side of us the SOUL side we connect to everyone on such a deeper level. Life becomes so much lighter and so much more enjoyable.
Danielle 💗